Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wow Wednesday...

Wednesday...Hump Day...the day before my post at DCRU DT Blog. Guess what I'll be working on? (insert giggle here) Yes, I've got a wonderfully fun spotlight to work on. I'm loving this one it is going to let me play with some of my favorite things.

Aside from the playing I've got to make time to read. I'm reading Twilight for the first time and the story is finally sucking me in. I have to admit, I was worried at first but now...well, now it has become something that I must finish. After this one I'm going to move into New Moon and I'm hoping to finish it before the movie comes out. I plan to take my Anna to see it. She has read each of the series and is so excited about the release. be young and in love with a fantasy...

I would like to find some great pics on line to make Anna a special Twilight based project. So, I might be doing a little bit of surfing too. I think a personalized bookmark is in order since she is letting me read her books.

I'm off...pre-school aged children are staging a coup de'tat in the other room.

Keep those hands busy!


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  1. I hope you will share the bookmark with us. ~Diane


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