Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wow Wednesday...

Is it really Wednesday already? Today is going to be another fun day spent with the children and then, after lunch...Child Well Check appt. with the pediatrician. We love our pediatrician, Dr. Seema. She is such a lovely person. However, her office called today and said they have so many ill children that her appts. have to be changed so that the healthy check-ups aren't exposed to all of the unhealthy visits. I don't mind the change. I'd much rather have the girls kept away from any unnecessary exposure to viruses and goodness only knows what else.

The real adventure will begin when it comes time for the vaccinations. (Yes, I'm a Mom who does vaccinations. My feeling on the issue is that the risk is just too high not to vaccinate. I do respect the choice of those who do not because of their own personal beliefs.) We have to get flu shots. That means: Girls x2 (flu shot x2)= screaming and fussiness x2(headache + very long afternoon)2. Yes, I've reverted to an algebraic equation to express my general concerns regarding the after effects of the visit. Sad...yes! Honest...absolutely!

Aside from that, I'm hoping to do a little scrapping. I've got some pics that need to be put into an album and I've got some upcoming posts for the DT that I'd like to work on. There are bills and budgeting that need my attention. I'm still working on sorting closets and weeding out the outgrown clothing for the girls and myself. I also need to go to the hardware store and see about picking up another shelving unit for my walk-in closet. The unit I have is a little unstable and I just don't trust it around my curious little explorers.

Hope everyone else is doing well today. I'll be making my rounds to see what you are all up to. Until then, keep those hands busy...



  1. Here it is, the free Digi-Tom!
    Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you like it! Have a great day! Have fun with him, and if you want, let others know about the free image, thanks!

  2. Hi, Gwen! I'm still sorting though clothes that fit/don't fit/throw away/give away! Have a relaxing day. Hope you get your scrappin' in.

  3. Sounds like you are busy! :) Have a great evening!

  4. I hope all went well with the Doctor visits, you do have your hands full! ~Diane


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