Wednesday, September 9, 2009

WoW Wednesday...Here We Grow Again!

It is Wednesday and I've got some fun things to work on today. I'm going to put together a little project for a Mini at DCRU. I'm looking forward to this project because it is so versatile. I love to work on things that can be used for so many purposes.

If I can get through the day without having to nap and without becoming so nauseated I can't see strait, my project should have at least three focuses. Am I, no viruses or ailments...just PREGNANT again! That is right we are expecting another little one. This will be number four for me and number five for the family. So far we are all girls so everyone is praying for a little boy. I'm not overly concerned with the baby's gender I'm just wanting a healthy baby with all of its vital and not so vital parts to be in tact.

I think this little one will be a very fun way to have some polls and contests here in the near future. My first contest will be to guess how many babies we are having. I'm an older Mom and twins are very possible. Next week is my first ultrasound so...leave a comment here on this post if you think it will be one, two or heaven forbid more...and if you guess right your name will go into a drawing for a goody bag from me. I will pick the winner on next Friday, so you have plenty of time to guess.

Thanks for stopping by...keep those hands busy!



  1. Gwen, Congratulations! OMG! What a blessing! You are right, gender is not as important as health. I will pray for a healthy baby, and I will say one!

    Claudia (DCRU)

  2. CONGRATS!!!!!! Super mom Gwen!!!! I am going to say TWINS just because it's fun to say:) Maybe even twin boys!!!!! lol. Don't kill me!!!

  3. Woo Hoo! Congratulations to you and your family!!! What a blessing@ I'm so happy for you! I hope it's twin boys ;)
    But happy and healthy always wins over everything!!!
    {{big hugs!!!}} :*)

  4. Aww Congratulations!!! I was actually thinking along the same lines as Sammye, twin boys! Would'nt that be a blessing!?!... Babies are sooo much fun! :)

  5. Oh my goodness, Gwen....congratulations.
    Carole DCRU DT

  6. Congratulations Gwen, I'll just pray for happy and healthy, no matter how many, you will be blessed to have a new baby in the house! ~Diane DCRU DT

  7. Ok Gwen, I changed the picture only because you asked! I like both pictures of you, they both show your personality! We gotta get some people to come after that candy! Take care,
    ~Diane DCRU DT

  8. Gwen congrats, little boys are so much fun. Sandi

  9. OK Gwen,here's my guess. Just one healthy, happy little boy! Todd needs "little man" to be proud of after all the beautiful girls you have!
    Maybe he'll change more diapers if its a boy! LOL ;-)

  10. Gwen, hoping you're feeling good today! Congrats again!! Hoping you only have as many babies as you can handle!

  11. Ooooh Gwen, What wonderful news! I am so happy for you! Ok, let's see, what do you call, just kidding! I will guess like several others that you will have one healthy baby boy! How sweet of you to give an RAK as a way to share your news, too!

  12. Again congrats!!!I think you are going to have one beautiful baby boy!!!


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